quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2018

Doc's Vintage Harmonica Collectables

Post Cards, Holiday Cards and Miscellaneous Cards 
1930's Embossed Postcard.
1930's Photo
1930's Photo Card
1932 Postcard titled Grand Opera. Postmark Cancelation date is 1932 from Brussels.
1935 European Postcard showing a famous Harmonica player VIKIORS DE KOVA.
The postcard shows a postal cancelation date of 7-26, 1935. from Riga Latvija.
1937 Post card showing man playing harmonica and two hobos dancing. Germany
1939 picture of a little boy playing the harmonica. From Canada
1940's - 50's  Penny Post Card
1940's picture

1940's Postcard showing Dutch Boy

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