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Doc's Vintage Harmonica Collectables

Doc's Vintage Harmonica Collectables (11)

Vintage Mini Harmonicas

1950's Mini 5 hole Harmonica titled THE CHARMER by Bohin. Made in Germany.
 1950's Mini one hole CRACKER JACK give away prize. Made in Japan.
 1950's Mini QUEEN 2 hole harmonica. Japan
 1950's Mini TEENIE 4 hole Harmonica. Made in Japan.
 1950's Ohio State Buckeyes Football Pin.
A free gift given away at one of the Football games.
 1950's two hole OHIO mini harmonica. Made in Japan.
1955 Mini 4 hole Souviner Harmonica for the KENTUCKY DAM.
Comes with a fold out fob that shows various pictures of the Kentucky Dam. 
 1960's 4 hole Mini CANARY Harmonica. Made in Japan.
 1960's 4 hole mini RUGBY Childs' Harmonica. Made in Japan. No box.
 1960's - 70's Mini 4 hole harmonica. Made in Czechoslovakia.
 1960's - 70's Mini 4 hole HERING Harmonica with key chain.
 1960's - 70's YAMAHA MINI 4 Hole Harmonica with key chain holder.
 Original box. Made in Japan.
 1960's BOBO mini 4 hole harmonica. Made in Poland.
 1960's Canary mini 4 hole harmonica. Made in Japan
 1960's Child's Mini 4 hole LITTLE LADY Harmonica
by Hohner with original box. Made in Germany.
 1960's Child's PEE WEE Mini 4 hole harmonica in original Store Display Packaging..
 1960's Childs Mini 4 hole BUMPY TROT Harmonica made by Irem Co.
 1960's key chain fob with a Mini 3 hole Harmonica.
 1960's Mini 4 hole BABY Harmonica made in Japan
 1960's Mini 4 hole Harmonica titled ORION. Made in Japan. 
 1960's Mini 4 hole LITTLE LADY Harmonica with original box. Made by Hohner.
 1960's Mini 4 hole PARROT Harmonica. England
 1960's Mini 4 hole SONNY Harmonica. Made in Japan.
 1960's Mini 4 hole WOODSTOCK Harmonica.
 Not sure where it was made.
 1960's mini LITTLE SWEET 4 hole harmonica. Made in Germany.

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