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SPAH 2012 Program Book

SPAH 2012 Program Book - 1ª de três postagens

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World's largest harmonica collection

Harland Crain and his "World's largest harmonica collection"

Harland Crain plays a Hohner harmonica at his home in Chesterfield, Mo.
A PlayRola Organ with a crank to turn a paper music roll dates to 1925.
A 1917 harmonica produced by the Ands. Koch Co. is shaped like the Emden, a World War I German warship.
Crain has amassed more than 5,700 pocket-sized musical instruments during the last 20 year
Like many vintage wind instruments, Schmid’s Harmonjet was manufactured in Germany
A rare Pipeolion harmonica outfitted with 10 small brass trumpets dates to 1910.
Boomerang-shaped harmonicas were popular in Australia during the 1920s and 1930s.
Antique harmonicas in their original boxes are stored in wooden Hohner display case.

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Clyde's Harmonica Holder

Interessantes  estes suportes de harmónicas. Se alguém estiver interessado, é só contactar o construtor.

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