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Ao acaso na net - Harmonicas

Lindas !

Seydel Summer Edition
Seydel JugendFreund
Seydel Chum
Seydel - The Bandmaster Fancy
M. Hohner Valencia
A couple of pieces of Hohner history. According to John Cook these brass plates are hot foil stamps
 used to print the gold - silver lettering on the Super 64 and Super 64X Hohner cases
Seydel - The Bandmaster Fancy
Gedenk-Mundharmonika GemeinsamerWeltraumflug UdSSR-DDR

Vermona Meteor Chromatic
Seydel Koh-I-Noor
Hohner Radio Concert from the 1930s.
Burgtor Johann Schunk Baby Hornola
Burgtor Bajazzo - Johann Schunk
Bajazzo  Lignatone. Made in Czechoslovakia 1960s.

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