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Windy City Harmonica Club

Windy City Harmonica Club - USA (1)
SPAH 2014 - Aaron Pomeranz and Jake Houshmand 
SPAH 2014 -  Koei Tanaka with Jimmy Lee.

SPAH 2014 -  Neil Adler

SPAH 2014 -  Phil Cataballotta with Ron Kalina.
SPAH 2014 - PT Gazell with Bud Boblink and Bill Morris
SPAH 2014 - The Trio with Bob MacFarlane.
SPAH 2014 - The Trio with Grant Woodson.
SPAH 2014 - The Windy City Duo with Carl Beitler.

SPAH 2014 - Tony Sgro's Variety Show, with Tom Stryker and George Miklas.
SPAH 2014 - Windy City Harmonica Trio seminar.

SPAH 2014 - Duck Dynasty Rebooted with Bud Boblink and friends.
SPAH 2014 - Janalyn Miklas and family
SPAH - Mike Runyan knocking the Minute Waltz 

The New Harmonicats com Bud Boblink, Bill Morris e Mo Vint.
The Harmonica Riffs circa 1957 (Jack Theres, Bob Swanson, Bob Nelson)
Tony, Ron and Bud

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