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SPAH Archives: Players and Groups (5)
Our thanks to SPAH
Ron Kalina
Ron Kalina, Pete Pedersen
Stan Fisher
Wayne Raney
Vito Patierno
Tommy Smothers -1975
Susan Rosenberg 
Sugar Blue 
Steve Baker - 2018
Stan Harper 1998  
Stan Harper -1950s
1940 - Stan (Wisser) Harper
1988 Stan Harper, Pete Pedersen
1994 Stan Harper, Fuzzy Fenton
1988 - Stan, Lee Oskar
1987- Ron Kalina,  Stan Harper
1945 - 3 Harpers Stan Harper, Pro Robbins, Pete Delisante
Stan Harper 1984 - 1st convention
Stan Harper -1939
1937- The Revelers Phil Bandieramont, Harry Bee, Stan Harper, Irving Kinser, Stubby Kaye
1938-9 - The Revelers (Stan Harper)
1930s Stan  4th from right
1930s-Murray Lane's Harmonica Scamps (Stan 3rd from right)

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