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Andrej Blumauer

Andrej Blumauer - Slovenia
Andrej Blumauer was a Slovenian musician, composer and songwriter. He was born in Graz, Austria, in 1932. As a child he moved to Ljubljana where he started playing instruments from early age starting with the violin, guitar and trumpet, as far as a certain type of harp, the so called "orglica z registrom" (1956). Soon afterwards he starts his career at the Slovenian Broadcast Chanel - Radio Ljubljana. His talent enabled a professional relationship with the German Hohner instrument manufaturer. Blumauer starts touring Europe, beginning with Austria and Germany, finally departing for Canada (1960) where he gained sufficient popularity (Let's Have a Polka) as well as in the the U.S., changing his name to Andy (1965). Some of his most popular songs are Veseli Ribn'čan, Slovenski fantič, Veseli trobentar, Razpoložene orglice, Zaljubljene orglice, Alpska uspavanka, Na Šmarjetni, Spet sem Doma. Blumauer died in 2013 as one of the most renowned Slovenian folk musicians. 

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