domingo, 1 de janeiro de 2017

Ao acaso na net - Harmónicas

The last ones of Doug Dawson's collection  - Our thanks to him (10)
Art Deco Chromatic Efri made by Emil Friedel in Germany
Babes musical bat harmonica F. A.Rauner 1927
Boomerang Australian market in the 1930's by Seydel
Boomerang with Tin case Seydel Australia 1930's
Cupid Brand Hockey
Estrella mini harmonica
F.A. Rauner Trillophone A Striking Novelty Resonator
Fireside Player  late 1920's or early 1930's
Hans Rolz Rosenkavalier
Harmonica cane late 1890's into the early 1900's
Hohner Aero Band
Hohner Chordomonica II
Hohner Chromatica 263 silver plated covers
Hohner Echophone 1930's
Hohner Five Horn Trumpet Call made in 1907.
Hohner Jazz Band C G Tremolo
Hohner Tango Curved Twin
HohnerTrumpet Call 1930's
Japanese Fish
Johann Schunk Burgtor Inspiration Quartet
Kia-Ora, Crackajack and Kookaboora Seydel 1039's Australian market
KingPin F.A.Rauner
Kostler Chromatomic
Melody Player and Disney Player - Chein company
Mondial Chromatic - A. Mancini italy 1950's
Opera Superior enamel
PlaRola Organ
Playasax and Clarola 1930's
Raise the Flag Hohner Nazi Propaganda Harp 1930's
Rolmonicas patented in 1928
Seydel Tiny Boomerang
Swiss Thorens #63 coloured harps
Tip Top with Box

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