quarta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2016

Ao acaso na net - Flyers

Flyers, advertisements, ads, announcements, banners, posters, etc
1925 Hohner Harmonica Sales Display Salesman Advertisement Magazine Print Ad
1928 Hohner Marine Band Harmonica Model No. 77 Christmas Santa Claus Print Ad
1929 PAPER AD 3 PG Harmonica P Pohl Hotz Pohlphone Hohner Store Display Revolvin
1929 PAPER AD Hohner Harmonica Boy Store Display Band Chimes Scho Marine Band
1934 ADVERTISEMENT 6 PG Hohner Harmonicas Store Display Stand Cabinet Organette
1935 Ad M Hohner 351 Fourth Avenue NYC Marine Band Harmonica Musical YAB2
1938 AD Hohner Harmonicas Hotz Super Chromonica Marine Band
1941 PAPER AD Unitone Harmonica Gong Bell Toy Co Article Chiming Pull 75 Years
1956 Schlitz Beer Music Piano Harmonica Accordion Something Better ad
1973 Print Ad of Hohner Harmonica Charlie McCoy plays the real McCoy - Cópia
1974 Hohner harmonica - why fool around with names print-ad
1979 Hohner Harmonica The Music is Different Toots Magic Dick Print Ad Page
2014 Cracker Barrel Complimentary Road Trip Foldout Map Bluesband Harmonica

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