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Ao acaso na net - Curiosidades

1930-1939,Archival,Arts Culture and Entertainment
Larry Adler - a very fine original early vintage glossy Paramount Pictures publicity
photograph (8 x 10), probably from the late 1930s, nicely signed in blue fountain ..
Carl Freed Harmonica band
Communist party of the Philippines and new peoples army
Guerre 39-45 Tampon allemand 
Harmonica candys
Harmonica Patent Drawing From 1897 - Vintage Drawing
Harmonica Players, 1939 1940, Music Stuff, Fair 1939, New York
Mulcays couple great harmonica players 

News Photo 1930-1939 Borrah Minevitch , Jane Withers, Knife Thrower
News Photo 1930-1939
News Photo 1930-1939
Paul Baron Harmonica Rascals vintage photo
Playing the harmonica 1920's
Scottish highlander general Marchland playing mouth-organ 1916
Scherl women of the auxiliary territorial service ats in France playing harmonica 1939
Pot O' Gold, features Jimmy in one of his nice, relatable, everyman roles. He plays
James Hamilton Haskell who loves music, plays a mean harmonica, ...
Positional warfare ('phoney war') German crew of a Westwall - bunker playing
together music with accordion and harmonica. Nov. 1939 

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